Barbara Baldwin (main teacher, based in Adelaide) –
Michael Burton – speech (based in Sydney) –
Helen Cameron (based in Adelaide) –
Maria Mulhearn (based in Sydney) –


In New Zealand:

Heather McKay

Fern Winslow –

Katherine Burton –

In China:
Guangzhou: Ai Ping (Apple, Guangzhou) – 孙爱萍 –
Shenzhen (organiser for courses)  敬茹 (Polly) –

AVAILABLE ON REQUEST: Email one of the listed people above for any of the following or for any further information:

  • A brochure for the courses in Australia
  • A flier for Michael’s workshops in May and June in China
  • An e-copy of “Healing through Chirophonetic Therapy” by Alfred Baur  (an A5 booklet of cover plus 30 pages, FREE)

To buy “Healing Sounds: Fundamentals of Chirophonetics” by Alfred Baur, go to

Also available at Amazon or in Australia contact the Rudolf Steiner Bookshop, 307 Sussex St, Sydney, phone (02) 9264 5169, Fax (02) 9267 1225, email: or use the link:

Other books related to speech:

Rudolf Steiner: Speech and Drama
Rudolf Steiner and Marie Steiner-von-Sivers: Creative Speech

Websites for further information: – main website for chirophonetics in the German language – Barbara Baldwin – Michael Burton’s website for “the renewal of culture through the Word”.

About Anthroposophy:

Rudolf Steiner archives –
Mystery Drama –
Goetheanum in Switzerland –


Schools for Chirophonetics:

1 Austria – Ursula Mori –
2 Germany – Brigitte Leiser –
3 Czeck Republic – Eva Milkova –
4 Scandinavia – Jytte Iversen (Denmark) –
5 Portugal – Mauro Menuzzi –
6 Netherlands – Conny Riezebos –
7 Australia – Barbara Baldwin –
8 Brazil – Ana Christina Corvelo –

Additional courses are running in:

Italy – Angela Assenza –
Iceland – Gudrun Gardarsdottir –

Groups are working in:
Finland – Kommo Koskela –
Russia – Natalia Kharitonova –
Switzerland – Heidi Arzethauser –
Spain – Natividad Moreno –

Single persons are working in:
England – Willi Swindell –
Argentina – Cecilia Ottonello –
USA – Bella Freuman –


Ulrike von Armansperg, Germany –


  1. chirophonetics says:

    Hi Mike, Just seeing what happens if I use this!
    Cheers, Michael

    • chirophonetics says:

      Yes, it works. Anyone else from the worldwide movement feel free to leave us a message here.

  2. JC Lin says:

    Hi there, I am interested in this therapy. Would you please send me the e-copy of “Healing through Chirophonetic Therapy”? My e-mail:
    Thank you very much.

  3. wilhelmina Swindell says:

    Wonderful to discover this website (anew)
    I am Wilhelmina Swindell and I have been practicing chirophonetic therapy for some 26 years.
    I work from home, in a Camphill setting and from the local clinic. I cover a wide array of issues . It is a wonder and no wonder that life changes when we feel spoken to. Chirophonetic therapy helps to grow more of our selves so we can meet the challenges in our lives. I now also practice psychophonetics, a client centered counseling modality , using gesture and sound.
    My email address has changed to I live in Totnes, south Devon United Kingdom. My website is in the process of being built.

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