Chirophonetics is a new form of therapy, having been first developed in the 1970’s. In this website you will be able to read more about it and what it can do and see how it is being developed in certain parts of the world – Australia and China, in particular. If you are interested in looking into doing a training, you will be able to see what this would involve and who to approach, and if you have a medical condition or are the parent of a child who could benefit from chirophonetics, you can see how to contact a therapist in different areas of the Pacific.

The word Chirophonetics comes from the two Greek words cheires – the hands – and phonetics – sounds. It is the sounds of human speech applied through massage. The forms for the sounds can be learned like any other skill and then these sounds can be applied, from therapist to patient, in a way that has enormous therapeutic potential.

You can get an overview here of what chirophonetics is, and, on the last page, investigate further links or download further material – information about coming courses in Australia and China and the short, 30-page brochure “Healing through Chirophonetic Therapy” by Dr Alfred Baur.

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  1. Truus Geraet says:

    My whole life as a Eurythmist and Eurythmy Therapist I have been interested in Chirophonetics, but – for financial reasons -never managed to do a training. Do you know of any training courses happening in the US, specifically in California?
    Truus Geraets, presenter at the IPMT in Brisbane in July.

    • chirophonetics says:

      Dear Truus, It’s nice to hear from you. There is very little happening in chirophonetics in the US. One woman on the East Coast but no one I’m aware of in California. We may do courses again one day in Australia or NZ and we did two in China but have stopped for now. That’s really all I know. You could contact Bella from the CONTACTS page of the website – it’s Or Ulrike who looks after world contacts. There may be something I’ve not heard of. Sorry I can’t help more. You know Alfred’s book, I suppose. I lent it to a eurythmist a little while ago and they were gobsmacked that this book wasn’t more well-known in the eurythmy world.

      Good luck and all the best. Hope to meet up with you at some stage, Michael

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